Where can I buy Fra' Mani other than the website?

Do you ship your products? If so, how?

I am a retailer or restaurant – how can I get wholesale information?

Do you have any recipes?

How should I store your delicious products?

Should I eat the casing on your dry salami?

The dry salame has blue/green/white mold on it – is this normal?

Why is mold on the dry salame slimy and smell a bit like ammonia?

Should I cook your pancetta before eating/serving?

Do your products contain nitrates? Do they contain nitrites? What about curing accelerators?

Why are some of your products labeled “uncured” if they are cured?

Do your products contain gluten?

Do you give tours? What about internships?

How can I learn more about making salumi myself?

Where can I buy your prepared foods?